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Yoga is a uniquely individual practice that was traditionally taught one on one. You will experience the benefits of this ancient art whether you practice in a group setting or alone with your teacher, but many people find themselves seeking out private yoga instruction at some time.

Whether you are just beginning your yoga journey or are a longer term student of yogic philosophy, private yoga lessons are designed to address your specific needs and goals.

Who Can Benefit From Private Yoga Lessons?

  • New students who want to become familiar with yoga before joining a larger class
  • Established students who want to deepen and refine their practice
  • Athletes
  • People with Injuries
  • People who want the convenience of yoga in your own home at a time that best suits you!

Your Lesson

Yoga is concerned with the whole person. Based on an initial interview and your experience during your first session, Alyson will create for you a lesson plan individually tailored to your needs, which will include breathing technique (pranayama), posture (asana), and meditation. Using verbal instruction, demonstration, imagery, and hands on direction, Alyson will guide you through a practice designed to help you learn to feel powerful and present in your body and in your life.

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